Safe Passage, Inc.

Providing Help, Healing & Hope to build a
community free of domestic and
sexual violence.

Domestic Violence

At Safe Passage, we pride ourselves on offering individualized support for anyone in an unhealthy relationship. If you or anyone you know is in an abusive relationship, or if you just have questions regarding domestic violence, take the first step now and call our 24/7 HelpLine. 877-733-1990

Sexual Assault

Whether an unwanted sexual experience or assault happened today, or many years ago, Safe Place provides free services and support to help you determine options for your safety, well-being and healing.


Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and put us one step closer to ending domestic and sexual violence. All donations are tax-deductible, and there are a variety of ways to contribute.
Note: Safe Passage is committed to respecting the privacy of our donors. Click here for Donor Policy.

Get involved

Safe Passage, Inc., serves a vital role in the communities we serve. Financial resources, in-kind donations, dedicated volunteers and passionate team members are always needed to support our clients and programs.


Safe Passage, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide help, healing and hope to build a community free of domestic and sexual violence. Through extensive services and support to victims of domestic and sexual violence and innovative community-based prevention programming, we strive to build safe, stable nurturing relationships and communities.

The Inception

It was 1997 when three women sat around a kitchen table

searching desperately for a source of help for a friend living under the threat of domestic violence. It wasn’t long before they realized that Southeast Indiana was the most underserved region of the state in terms of domestic abuse resources. The closest source of support was more than an hour away. The need for help was obvious, and these three women knew they should be the ones to address that need.

Working Tirelessly
24/7 crisis Helpline was created

Dearborn, Franklin, Ohio, Ripley, and Switzerland

they quickly gained the support of local and state government, business leaders and other women – many of whom had a personal understanding of the devastating and painful effects of domestic violence. Within 2 years, Safe Passage, Inc. was incorporated and granted not-for-profit status, a 24/7 crisis Helpline was created, and a governing Board of committed local citizens established a service region encompassing Dearborn, Franklin, Ohio, Ripley, and Switzerland counties. Limited outreach services were also established, but it was apparent more was needed.

In August of

Shelter Built in Ripley County

Safe Passage, Inc. completed construction of a highly-secured, state-of-the-art shelter in Ripley County, where victims could come for safety, healing, and extensive support services. They immediately began housing individuals and families. Outreach services continued to be expanded, and by 2015, Jefferson County was added to the Safe Passage service region and four satellite offices were serving those in need throughout the large six-county area.


Where are we now?

The legacy of that meeting around the kitchen table is stronger than ever. In 2011, one of the original founders of the organization was hired as its Executive Director to continue the organization’s award-winning programs and services that help build healthy relationships and communities. Since its inception, Safe Passage has served more than 14,000 survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Our Mission Statement

Providing Help, Healing & Hope to build a community free of domestic and sexual violence.
HELP for those in need.
HEALING for survivors.
HOPE for all.


Safe Passage, Inc. PO Box 235 Batesville, IN 47006 812.933.1990


24/7 Toll-Free Helpline: 1-877-733-1990
Domestic Violence: 1-812-933-1990
Sexual Assault: 1-812-932-SAFE (7233)


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