Domestic Violence Services

24/7 HelpLine – 877.733.1990 Live, free, confidential help and support.

A call to the HelpLine is your first step for questions, appointments or emergency services.

Individualized Support

Survivors of domestic violence or abuse may need and want a wide range of resources. Safe Passage staff members can meet with you in one of our five office locations or another safe place to help you determine the next steps for your immediate safety and well-being, and for a better future. Some of these options include:

  • Understanding what abuse look like in a relationship and identifying red flags

  • Creating a personal safety plan

  • Filing a protective order

  • Connecting with legal assistance

  • Counseling and Support Groups

  • Housing, employment, and education assistance

1 in 3 Women & 1 in 4 Men Have Experienced Some Form of Physical Violence by an Intimate Partner

Emergency Shelter

For those who are in immediate danger and need a safe and supportive short-term housing option , Safe Passage has a comfortable, highly secured shelter facility. With private rooms and 24/7 advocacy and case management services, we are much more than a shelter; this is the first step to a safe and healthy way of life.

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